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An Early Summer Evening

Photo taken by D. Pettegrew June 1, 2011. 

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Oscar Broneer, St. Paul, and Wicked Corinth (and a new blog)

In a recent blog post at Objects-Buildings-Situations, Kostis Kourelis has pointed out that Ohians have the tendency to blog about Greece, and especially post-classical Greece and their experiences with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.  He refers to … Continue reading

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Corinth’s Byzantine Countryside

The distribution of Byzantine sites in Corinth’s immediate hinterland is poorly known. No Byzantine monuments exist in the Isthmia valley immediately to the east of the City of Corinth in contrast to the numerous Byzantine churches discovered during the early … Continue reading

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Other Byzantine Bodies

When most of us think of the Byzantine body today, we image the ethereal bodies that grace the walls of painted churches, the emaciated bodies of the Byzantine ascetic, or even the body of the emperor or bishop. At the … Continue reading

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Corinthianmatters turns one

A little over a year ago, I launched Corinthianmatters as a blog-site devoted to providing current (often digital) resources for the study of the Corinthia, Greece.  As I noted in my first post, I was a little wary that I … Continue reading

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The Debate on Erastus Continues

In August, I covered the recent debate among New Testament scholars over the status and rank of an individual (or individuals) by the name of Erastus.  The post, called “The Search for the Historical Erastus,” summarized the work of three … Continue reading

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The Diolkos Petition

It’s not hard to construct narratives of decline for the paved trans-Isthmus diolkos road.  One only has to compare the monument unearthed by N. Verdelis 50 years ago with modern photos of a road sliding into the canal.  Indeed, Sophia … Continue reading

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Corinthian Scholarship (September)

Archaic-Hellenistic Corinthiaka in discussions of Pindar: L. Athanassaki and E. Bowie (eds.), Archaic and Classical Choral Song: Performance, Politics and Dissemination (de Gruyter 2011) More Corinthiaka in E. Carney and D. Ogden, Philip II and Alexander the Great: Father and Son, … Continue reading

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