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Corinthian Studies: A New Facebook Group

Corinth groups are nothing new on Facebook.  Back in August 2007, when FB was only three years old and there were only 30 million users, a Korinthos group was launched as a meeting place for anyone with interest in Corinth.  … Continue reading

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“Jewish” and “Greco-Roman” Contexts of 1 Corinthians

In 2010 a new major commentary on 1 Corinthians appeared, by Roy Ciampa and Brian Rosner: The commentary has just been reviewed by Korinna Zamfir in the Review of Biblical Literature. Zamfir raises some interesting questions about the ways in … Continue reading

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A Corinthian Pyxis Podcast

At the start of a new semester at Messiah College, I have been looking for ways to make my lectures in the History of Western Civilization I a little more dynamic.  For example, I have spiced up old lectures about … Continue reading

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Corinth Bibliographies

If you do not know about the Ancient World Open Bibliographies blog, you’re missing out on an excellent resource for bibliographic information related to all aspects of antiquity.  Founded and operated by Phoebe Acheson and Chuck Jones, the purpose of … Continue reading

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Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society

Byzantinists were stunned last week by the announcement that the Christian Archaeological Society had launched a digital version of its journal Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society, with some open access material.  The announcement from the journal’s website: The Christian … Continue reading

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A New Mycenaean Center in the Corinthia

I just finished reading the T. Tartaron, D. Pullen, R. Dunn, L. Tzortsoulou-Gregory, A. Dill, and J. Boyce, “The Saronic Harbors Research Project (SHARP): Investigations at Mycenaean Kalamianos, 2007-2009,” Hesperia 80 (2011), 559-634. I rarely get excited about the Bronze … Continue reading

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Corinthian Scholarship (January)

New Corinthian-related scholarship published or released online in the last month. Diachronic Yannis A. Lolos, Land of Sikyon: Archaeology and History of a Greek City-State, Hesperia Supplement 39, Princeton 2011: ASCSA. Bronze Age Tartaron, Thomas F., Daniel J. Pullen, Richard … Continue reading

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