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Blogosphere: Corinthia

A frequent sort of blog that regularly appear in my google alerts are travel accounts of visits to Ancient Corinth. Most of these cover familiar ground and are most useful for good photos of Corinth, the Corinthian landscape, and the … Continue reading

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Dramatic Dog Rescue on the Isthmus

It doesn’t get much more dramatic than a rescue of a little dog stuck on the walls of the Corinth canal.  Here we have a video of a trapped dog, rappelling firemen, interviews with the owners, interviews with the dog, … Continue reading

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Corinthian Scholarship (February)

Here’s the latest in Corinthian-related scholarship published, presented, or released online in February.  These 13 articles, books, and studies represent about 7% of ca 175 studies that triggered Google Scholar alerts last month.  There are many, many “false positives” that … Continue reading

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Corinth Canal

Photos by David Pettegrew and Kate Pettegrew on July 1, 2007.  Low walls visible in the second photo, bungee jumper in third, climbing holes for workers in fourth.

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Touring the Corinth Canal

As my next installment in this canal-themed week, I include below three of my favorite video tours of the Corinth Canal.  Each provides great glimpses of geological stratification, the remnants of low walls that are mostly eroding into the water, … Continue reading

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The Crazy Project – Canal Istanbul

Last spring Turkish news agencies covered  reports and rumors about a new canal proposed somewhere in the vicinity of Istanbul that would connect the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.  The reports referred to the speech made by Recep … Continue reading

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Glider Flights over the Isthmus

The revolution of YouTube and video sharing has ushered in a whole new world of viewing the Corinthia.  Already hundreds of videos can be found online related to the site of ancient Corinth—too many, in fact, to be useful to … Continue reading

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