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“Greek Anger Keeps German Tourists Away”

Are you a German avoiding Greece this year?  So says this provocative Reuters article published last week.  Here is the opening with the view from Corinth: “CORINTH, Greece, April 24 (Reuters) – German tourists are in short supply in Greece … Continue reading

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Dramatic Dog Rescue on the Isthmus

It doesn’t get much more dramatic than a rescue of a little dog stuck on the walls of the Corinth canal.  Here we have a video of a trapped dog, rappelling firemen, interviews with the owners, interviews with the dog, … Continue reading

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More on Sicyonia, fortifications, and Late Antiquity

I’ve continued to work my way through Y. Lolos’s massive tome, Land of Sicyon. Hesperia Supplement 39 (Princeton: American School of Classical Studies, 2011) this weekend while waiting for the rain delayed Daytona 500.  I posted the first part of … Continue reading

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A Working Paper on Lakka Skoutara in the Corinthia

With the recent preliminary publication of the work by the SHARP team at the site of Kalamianos in the southeastern Corinthia, it seemed like a good opportunity for David Pettegrew, Tim Gregory, Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory and I to dust off a … Continue reading

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Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society

Byzantinists were stunned last week by the announcement that the Christian Archaeological Society had launched a digital version of its journal Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society, with some open access material.  The announcement from the journal’s website: The Christian … Continue reading

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Abstracts of the AIA / APA 2012 Meetings

I had planned to post reviews of the AIA / APA meetings a little more than a week ago, but illness and the preparations for a new semester sapped all my momentum.  I have a lot of material in the … Continue reading

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Glider Flights over the Isthmus

The revolution of YouTube and video sharing has ushered in a whole new world of viewing the Corinthia.  Already hundreds of videos can be found online related to the site of ancient Corinth—too many, in fact, to be useful to … Continue reading

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Corinthian Scholarship (November)

Hard to believe that December is already here – quite a lot of new scholarship delivered electronically in November.  Bronze Age Erika Weiberg, “The invisible dead : The case of the Argolid and Corinthia during the Early Bronze Age,” in … Continue reading

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Reading Faith and Occupation in Late Antique Graffiti

Last month, Bill Caraher posted a working draft of a paper on the Christian landscapes of the Corinthia  in which he discusses a variety of Christian graffiti–crosses,  fish, Chi-Rhos, and prayers inscribed in stone–scratched in mortar and stone on churches, baths, walls, … Continue reading

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The Olive Harvest

Harvesting olives with Nikos Gdysis of Gemelos Taverna, November 16, 2004.  Photos by D. Pettegrew.

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