Corinthian Scholarship Monthly (November 2013)

Your latest round of new Corinthian scholarship published or posted online in the last month – just in time for the holiday season. Feel free to reply to this post if you have something to add. If you are interested and qualified to review any of the following, contact me at

For comprehensive bibliography related to the Corinthia, see this page and visit the Corinthia Library at Zotero.




Late Roman

New Testament



Categories: Agriculture, American School Excavations, Archaic, Bibliography, Ceramics, Classical, Colonies of Corinth, Conferences and Presentations, Corinth in the Mind, Corinthian & Saronic Gulfs, Corinthian Scholarship (monthly), Diachronic, Economy, EKAS (Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey), Fortifications, Geology, Greek (Geometric-Hellenistic), Hellenistic, Inscriptions, Interim, Isthmus, Late Antiquity, Migration, Military, Mortuary, Peloponnese, Periods, Modern, Periods, Nemea, Periods, Roman, Religion, 1 Corinthians, Religion, 2 Corinthians, Religion, Churches, Religion, Roman, Religion, Saints, Religion, St. Paul, Sex and Prostitution, Sites, Diolkos, Sites, Isthmia, Sites, Kenchreai, Sites, Lechaion, Sites, Lechaion Basilica, Sites, Panayia Field, Sites, Urban Center, Territory, Trade and Commerce

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