Archaeology & History

A master bibliography of books and articles on Corinthian archaeology, history, and religion can be found at the Corinthian Studies Zotero Library. As of January 2015, the collection of items relevant to archaeology and history numbered 1,699 (not including the Judaism and Christianity items). For the most recent scholarship in the Zotero Library, select the CSM_2014 and CSM_2015 tags.

On this website, we keep running text lists of books and articles, blogs and news items, reviews, etc… Click on the categories Corinthian Scholarship (Monthly) (for publications and conference papers), Corinthiaka (blog posts and news stories), Book and article reviews, and Bibliography (for lists, reviewed articles, and resources).

This website also categorizes the investigation of particular sites, regions, and entities like the American School of Classical Studies Excavations at CorinthGreek Archaeological Service discoveries, and the  Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey.


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